Area of Practice
Shipping and Marine Laws

We advise clients on both wet and dry shipping matters. The team is particularly recommended for its contentious shipping expertise, its capabilities in shipping disputes and ship arrest matters. Shipping work of the firm includes but is not limited to Transportation agreements, Shipbuilding agreements, Requests for proposals for shipping Loan agreements, Sale and Purchase agreements, Operation and maintenance agreements, Cargo Claims, Leasing, Shipping Litigation and arbitration, Oil Spillage, Ship Finance, Ship Registration, Marine Insurance Collision and Salvage, Charter Party Disputes, Contracts for Construction, Use and Operation of Ships etc.

We advise on contentious and non contentious maritime matters including insurance related matters for ship-owners, charters, hull insurers, P&I Clubs, Cargo owners and underwriters, composite insurers, traders, freight forwarders, shipyards and port authorities.

The contentious work embraces litigation, arbitration and mediation including claims and disputes involving/relating to bills of lading, charter parties, salvage, death and personal injury, oil pollution, cargo damage and loss as well as the arrest and release of vessels.

The non contentious areas of work include advice on matters such as the sale and purchase of ships, ship financing, registration and related insurance contracts.